We Bring Out Your Athleticism

You Will Love the Feel of an Efficient Swing.

There can be power, flow and control in your long game.
You can make a sound that creates attention when you strike the ball.
You can hit short game shots that dance on the greens.
They can end up close to the pin.
You can make putts that you should make,
because you make solid contact.
Course management can become easy.

You will finally trust your skills under pressure.
This Is What We Help You Do Every Swing of the Way.


Mike, Sandy and Lindy


What Students are saying about Mike & Sandy...

  • “It will be difficult to put into a few words the impact that Sandy LaBauve has had on my golf game and my life. She came to the Roaring Fork Club two years ago and she and her husband Mike LaBauve transformed the teaching program there.

    Sandy also transformed my golf game from one of trepidation to confidence.

    I currently have a 22 index handicap. I am 68 and not the picture of fitness. I DO on the plus side, have a passion for the game, love to learn and want very much to improve and "play well with others"! Through Sandy's encouragement, brilliant teaching methods and unwavering patience I have lowered my handicap, dropped at least 10 strokes from my typical score, entered tournaments, played Ladies Day, eagerly played courses away from home and encouraged anyone I could to take lessons from this brilliant woman!

    The magic of Sandy is not only in her sparkling personality and deep love of the game but if you are not grasping a technique or performing the shot properly she will think of a dozen other ways to explain it to you until you get it! I often test her patience I know, but she encourages me cheerfully and supportively.

    I could write forever about how much I love the game and experience of golf but my enthusiasm would not begin to be as high without the counsel and wisdom of Sandy LaBauve. She is the Rock Star of the Golf Teaching World and I am also blessed to call her Friend.”

    Mary Griffith Basalt, Colorado
  • “What's magical about Mike and Sandy's teaching skills are how quickly they put your swing or short game back on track. By using athletic traits found in all sports, they've captured a style that is both easy on your body and promotes a long-lived, athletic swing.

    We've been taking lessons from them for many years and always leave thinking: Wow! Was that ever worth it! Can't wait to go back!”

    Julie and Britt Harrison Baton Rouge, LA

    “People who are truly motivated to improve their golf game will try many different approaches - training clubs, exercises, swing devices, etc. And instruction!

    Those who have "trusted" the Mike Magic school of thought understand his unique approach.

    His explanations are "Aha!" moments and his "tweaking" will result in major improvement. ”

    Lane Grigsby Baton Rouge, LA